Saturday, July 14, 2018

Lunar Eclipse Conjunct Retrograde Mars; Mercury Retrograde

Heading towards the end of July, there are two significant events in the zodiac:
The Full Moon on July 27 will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, @ 10 deg Sidereal Capricorn. Eclipses signal major events coming in the near future. The timing of the event is when a planet subsequently passes through the eclipse degree or opposite (usually within a few weeks or months). But this time Mars will be within a degree of exact conjunction with the eclipse, indicating that the associated event may already be in progress at the time of the eclipse.
Mars is Retrograde, since June 26. Retrograde planets are close to the Earth, therefore extra powerful, but not behaving "normally." Retrograde Mars conjunct the Total Lunar Eclipse is an indication of something significant about to occur.
Mercury begins a Retrograde Period on July 26, @ 29 deg Sidereal Cancer. MercuryRetrograde is the planet of Rational Thinking and Reasonable Decisions going "backwards," i.e., not behaving rationally. Further, Mercury begins its retrograde period while in the Gandant degrees, the borderline between a water sign and a fire sign, which causes significant weakness to the transiting planet. Mercury is opposite to its enemy Mars in the zodiac (but not exactly). With two planets retrograde and opposing each other, the potential for Miscommunication, Misunderstanding, Anger, and Bad Decisions is very high. Best to keep a low profile and stick to routine activities during late July and August. This is not a good time to begin anything important.


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