Saturday, May 05, 2018

Mercury Enters Aries, Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Mercury Square Mars

Mercury changes signs, entering Aries, on Wednesday May 9. After spending over 2 months in Pisces due to going through a retrograde period, the planet of Rational Thinking finally moves on in the zodiac. The planet of Facts & Data, Ideas & Reasons, will be in the Action-oriented sign of the Adventurer for the next two and 1/2 weeks, until May 26.
Mercury will be conjunct Uranus as soon as it enters Aries. The planet of the The Media combines with the planet of Independence & Rebellion, and Unexpected Events, resulting in Surprising News Reports. The energy of Uranus is Disruptive, thus we can expect revelations that cause a Change in Thinking.
Mars sends a Square Aspect onto Mercury this week. From its new position at the beginning of Capricorn, Mars' square aspect will fall on Mercury as soon as Mercury changes signs. The exact aspect will be at the end of the week, Saturday May 12 - Sunday May 13. The influence of Mars on Mercury causes Distortion to Mercury's significations. Thus the new information can't be trusted. The Mars square aspect to Mercury causes Dissension and Argument.
Mars is simultaneously squaring Uranus as well. Mars the planet of Force and Conflict square to Uranus, planet of Sudden Events, can result in Unexpected Violence. This can also manifest as natural events, i.e., Earthquakes and Volcanoes, as is already happening in Hawaii.


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