Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mercury Opposite Jupiter, Mercury Enters Taurus, Venus Opposite Saturn

Mercury is exactly opposite Jupiter on Tuesday, May 22. The planet of Rational Thinking, Data & Information, is being influenced by the planet of Beliefs  & Optimism this week. Since Jupiter is retrograde its significations are stronger than usual and more personalized. The result is that everyone feels entitled to their own facts.
Mercury leaves Aries and enters Taurus on Saturday, May 26. The planet of Ideas and Reasons will be in the sign of Practical Value for the next three weeks. This planetary pattern puts emphasis on evaluating News & Information for its tangible worth.
Venus is opposite Saturn this week. The exact opposition is on Friday, May 25, when the two planets are at 13 deg of their respective signs: Venus in Gemini; Saturn in Sagittarius.  The planet of Romance, Agreement, Young Females, Finance, is being opposed by the Reality Check planet, the planet of Limitation. The Reality of the situation makes finding agreement more difficult. Finances are Restricted. Saturn is also Retrograde, making it strong and less likely to give in. Saturn is the planet of Control and The Establishment; Venus is both Pleasure and Reproduction. Thus: an attempt to Control Reproduction by the Conservative Establishment.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Venus Enters Gemini, Taurus New Moon, Mars Square Uranus

Venus changes signs, entering sidereal Gemini on Monday, May 14. The planet of Harmony and Compromise in the sign of Consensus is good for Finding Agreement. It's also the planet of Romance in the most Dual sign of the zodiac. Gemini is able to see things from two or more viewpoints at once, so Venus in Gemini can be Fickle. Venus will be in Gemini until June 8.
The New Moon is on Tuesday, May 15, @ 0 deg Taurus. This New Moon marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month Jyeshta, although this year the Full Moon will fall in the prior nakshatra, Anuradha, on May 29. This New Moon has special significance in the Hindu world: it is Shani Jayanti, the birthday of God Saturn. Therefore it is recommended to propitiate Saturn to be on the good side of the planet of Harsh Reality (such as chant the Saturn mantra for 108 times: "Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Swaha"). 
Mars is exactly Square to Uranus this week. The planets are at 5 deg -6 deg of their respective signs: Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Mars is the planet of Force; Uranus is the planet of Sudden Events; the square aspect is dynamic but not harmonious.
This is a rather problematic energy pattern, which can result in Violent Events. An obvious example is the Hawaii Volcano eruption, which began shortly after Mars entered Capricorn on May 2. The exact square is on Tuesday-Wednesday, May 15 -16.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Mercury Enters Aries, Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Mercury Square Mars

Mercury changes signs, entering Aries, on Wednesday May 9. After spending over 2 months in Pisces due to going through a retrograde period, the planet of Rational Thinking finally moves on in the zodiac. The planet of Facts & Data, Ideas & Reasons, will be in the Action-oriented sign of the Adventurer for the next two and 1/2 weeks, until May 26.
Mercury will be conjunct Uranus as soon as it enters Aries. The planet of the The Media combines with the planet of Independence & Rebellion, and Unexpected Events, resulting in Surprising News Reports. The energy of Uranus is Disruptive, thus we can expect revelations that cause a Change in Thinking.
Mars sends a Square Aspect onto Mercury this week. From its new position at the beginning of Capricorn, Mars' square aspect will fall on Mercury as soon as Mercury changes signs. The exact aspect will be at the end of the week, Saturday May 12 - Sunday May 13. The influence of Mars on Mercury causes Distortion to Mercury's significations. Thus the new information can't be trusted. The Mars square aspect to Mercury causes Dissension and Argument.
Mars is simultaneously squaring Uranus as well. Mars the planet of Force and Conflict square to Uranus, planet of Sudden Events, can result in Unexpected Violence. This can also manifest as natural events, i.e., Earthquakes and Volcanoes, as is already happening in Hawaii.