Saturday, April 28, 2018

Full Moon in Libra, Mars Enters Capricorn

The Full Moon is on Sunday, April 29, @ 15 deg sidereal Libra. This marks the culmination of the Hindu Lunar month Vaishak, although this year the Full Moon will fall in the prior nakshatra, Chitra. Jupiter, planet of Truth & Justice, accompanies the Full Moon, in Libra the sign of Fairness, indicating potential for some developments along the lines of achieving justice.
Mars changes signs and enters Capricorn on Wednesday, May 2.  Usually Mars takes about 6 weeks to transit through a sign, but due to entering a retrograde period at the end of June, Mars will remain in Capricorn until November 5. Thus the planet of Action will be in the sign of Practical Accomplishment for the next 6 months, which sounds good, except that there's a problem:
Mars will be together with Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, for the entire time. Ketu is the significator of Past Karma. By teaming up with Ketu, the planet of Action and Aggression creates the energy pattern of Paying for Past Deeds. Also, since Ketu represents the Non-manifest world, it can dissolve things on the material plane, and create a lot of Chaos. Both Mars and Ketu have a Fiery, malefic quality; together they can be quite Incendiary.The close conjunction of Mars and Ketu begins at the end of May.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Mercury Retrograde Ends, New Moon in Aries, Saturn Begins Retrograde, Venus Enters Taurus

Mercury's Retrograde Period ends on Sunday, April 15, @ 10 deg Pisces. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Ideas & Reasons, will slowly return to normal forward motion over the coming week. But Mercury is still in its sign of debilitation. Pisces is the sign of Hope & Faith; Mercury as the planet of Linear Thinking is not able to perform at its best in this sign. However, this combination can be good for Intuitive Thinking, where rational logic is not so critical. Mercury will remain in Pisces until May 9.
The New Moon is on Sunday, April 15, @ 2 deg Aries. This lunation initiates the Hindu lunar month Vishakh, named for Vishakha, the nakshatra of the Full Moon.  Except that this year the Full Moon will fall in the previous nakshatra, Swati, a sign associated with Initiating New Projects. The New Moon will be closely conjunct Uranus, which is @ 4 deg Aries. Thus the energy of the lunar month is tied to the energy of the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, Freedom & Independence, Rebellion & Disruption. (for more details, see this video)
Saturn begins its Retrograde Period on Wednesday, Apr 18, @ 15 deg Sagittarius. The planet of Restriction and Delay will be "backwards" in the zodiac for the next 4-1/2 months.
Saturn moves very slowly; therefore it will be "Stationary," i.e., appearing to not move, for the next couple of weeks. Stationary planets are considered Strong. Therefore the planet of Limitation, Responsibility, Established Order, etc., will be restraining things more than usual for the rest of April.
Venus changes signs, entering Taurus on Thursday, Apr 19. The planet of Romance, Pleasures, Agreement, Guidance, and Finance will be in its own sign for the next three weeks, boosting the energy of both Venus and Taurus. Taurus is especially attuned to Sensual Enjoyment and Material Gratification, so the Venus significations of Pleasure and Prosperity will do well over the coming weeks.