Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mercury Retrograde Begins March 22

First Mercury retrograde period of 2018 starts Thursday, March 22, @ 22 deg Pisces. Mercury will "back up" in the zodiac for the next three weeks, ending on April 15, @ 10 deg Pisces. As the planet of Rational Thinking, Mercury is not at its best in an emotions-centered water sign. The retrograde condition will make Mercury even less rational. Therefore, the usual precautions necessary for Retrograde Mercury should be observed: Expect Delays, Misunderstandings, Mistakes in Transactions, Equipment Breakdown, Irrational Thinking, Distortion of Facts, False Media Reports, etc. Mercury is the planet of Signatures: signing something while Mercury is retrograde insures that the document or project will be plagued with delays and problems.
Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, and it too is retrograde (see previous post). The link between Jupiter and Mercury while both are simultaneously retrograde creates an even higher potential for Misunderstanding.
The middle of this Mercury Retrograde will be especially problematic due to Mercury receiving a square aspect from Mars, exact on April 3 -4. Mars puts pressure on Mercury, making Mistakes more likely, especially due to Distorted Information and giving rise to Irrational Anger. The effects of Mars on Mercury will be observed to some degree all through the Mercury Retrograde period.


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