Saturday, March 03, 2018

Mercury Conjunct Venus, Mars Enters Sagittarius, Jupiter Retrograde

Mercury is exactly conjunct Venus March 4 -6, @ 2 -4 deg Pisces. Mercury and Venus will remain in close conjunction for the next three weeks while they transit through Pisces. Normally Mercury moves faster than Venus, but Mercury is slowing down due to approaching its retrograde period (which begins on March 22). The planet of Communications conjunct the planet of Guidance and Relationship in the sign of Emotional Support is good for Giving Advice. But with Pisces the advice is more about Hope and Compassion, and may not be practical or realistic.
Mars changes signs, entering Sagittarius on Wednesday, March 7. The planet of Action and Force will be in the sign of Personal Truth for the next 7 weeks, until May 2. While in Sagittarius, Mars joins up with Saturn, which has been transiting here since last October.
Mars and Saturn are "enemies" in Vedic Astrology: it's the planet of Action + the planet of Restriction & Delay. The result is a lot of Stress and Tension. But used positively, Saturn can help to Focus the energy of Mars, leading to Determined Accomplishment. (more details in this month's Astrology Newsletter).
Jupiter begins a Retrograde Period on Friday, March 9, @ 29 deg Libra. The planet of Opportunity will be "going backwards" in the zodiac for the next 4 months, which is good for checking back on opportunities that did not initially pan out. It's also the planet of Wisdom going back over the past, i.e., good for Self-reflection, "gaining wisdom for the past." Retrograde planets are close to the Earth, therefore strong, but not operating normally. Also, Jupiter is at the very end of a sign this month, which makes it even less reliable.
(more details in the March-April Vedic Astrology Newsletter).


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