Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mars Conjunct Saturn, Mars Square Retrograde Mercury

Mars is exactly conjunct Saturn on Monday, Apr 2. The two planets are conjunct at 14 deg sidereal Sagittarius. Mars is the planet of Force; Saturn is Restriction. This combination gives Concentrated Force, Determined Effort, which can be used for good or ill. It can also manifest as Punishment and Cruelty, because Saturn is the planet of Suffering. The effects extend a few days before and after the exact conjunction. On Saturday, April 7, the Moon joins Mars & Saturn, boosting the potential for events.
Mars is exactly Square to Retrograde Mercury on Wednesday, Apr 4. The two planets are at 15 deg of their respective signs. The annoyances of Retrograde Mercury are exacerbated by the inimical square aspect of Mars. Mars injects a dose of Impatience, Force, and Anger into the problems of Miscommunication, Misunderstanding, Mistakes, etc. typical of retrograde Mercury. This combination is highly problematic, resulting in an exaggeration of associated events. Saturn being close to Mars, adds more malefic energy to the square aspect on Mercury. The effects of this pattern will be present for most of the week. Best to be patient with others, stay conscious, stay awake, and be ready to deflect negative energy when it shows up.


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