Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mars Conjunct Saturn, Mars Square Retrograde Mercury

Mars is exactly conjunct Saturn on Monday, Apr 2. The two planets are conjunct at 14 deg sidereal Sagittarius. Mars is the planet of Force; Saturn is Restriction. This combination gives Concentrated Force, Determined Effort, which can be used for good or ill. It can also manifest as Punishment and Cruelty, because Saturn is the planet of Suffering. The effects extend a few days before and after the exact conjunction. On Saturday, April 7, the Moon joins Mars & Saturn, boosting the potential for events.
Mars is exactly Square to Retrograde Mercury on Wednesday, Apr 4. The two planets are at 15 deg of their respective signs. The annoyances of Retrograde Mercury are exacerbated by the inimical square aspect of Mars. Mars injects a dose of Impatience, Force, and Anger into the problems of Miscommunication, Misunderstanding, Mistakes, etc. typical of retrograde Mercury. This combination is highly problematic, resulting in an exaggeration of associated events. Saturn being close to Mars, adds more malefic energy to the square aspect on Mercury. The effects of this pattern will be present for most of the week. Best to be patient with others, stay conscious, stay awake, and be ready to deflect negative energy when it shows up.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Venus Enters Aries, Venus Conjunct Uranus, Full Moon opposite Retrograde Mercury

Venus changes signs, entering sidereal Aries on Monday, March 26. The planet of Romance, Pleasures, Agreement, Guidance, Finance, etc. will be in the dynamic sign of Adventure, Challenges, Discoveries, Creativity, until April 19.
Venus becomes conjunct Uranus as soon as it enters Aries. Uranus has been in the early degrees of Aries since April 2017. Venus the planet of Love, Young Females, Sociability, Harmony, Finance, etc. combines with Uranus the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, Disruption, Freedom and Rebellion = Unusual Romance, Volatile Stock Market, Rebellious Young Women. The exact conjunction is on Wednesday March 28 @ 3 deg Aries.
The Full Moon is on Saturday, March 31, @ 16 deg Sidereal Virgo. Retrograde Mercury will be directly opposite the Full Moon @ 18 deg Pisces. Virgo is Mercury's sign; therefore Mercury and the Moon have a powerful link, increasing the potential for more Retrograde type events during the lunar month. The Full Moon is in Hasta nakshatra, a lunar sign known for Salesmanship, Trickery, Manipulation.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mercury Retrograde Begins March 22

First Mercury retrograde period of 2018 starts Thursday, March 22, @ 22 deg Pisces. Mercury will "back up" in the zodiac for the next three weeks, ending on April 15, @ 10 deg Pisces. As the planet of Rational Thinking, Mercury is not at its best in an emotions-centered water sign. The retrograde condition will make Mercury even less rational. Therefore, the usual precautions necessary for Retrograde Mercury should be observed: Expect Delays, Misunderstandings, Mistakes in Transactions, Equipment Breakdown, Irrational Thinking, Distortion of Facts, False Media Reports, etc. Mercury is the planet of Signatures: signing something while Mercury is retrograde insures that the document or project will be plagued with delays and problems.
Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, and it too is retrograde (see previous post). The link between Jupiter and Mercury while both are simultaneously retrograde creates an even higher potential for Misunderstanding.
The middle of this Mercury Retrograde will be especially problematic due to Mercury receiving a square aspect from Mars, exact on April 3 -4. Mars puts pressure on Mercury, making Mistakes more likely, especially due to Distorted Information and giving rise to Irrational Anger. The effects of Mars on Mercury will be observed to some degree all through the Mercury Retrograde period.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Mercury Conjunct Venus, Mars Enters Sagittarius, Jupiter Retrograde

Mercury is exactly conjunct Venus March 4 -6, @ 2 -4 deg Pisces. Mercury and Venus will remain in close conjunction for the next three weeks while they transit through Pisces. Normally Mercury moves faster than Venus, but Mercury is slowing down due to approaching its retrograde period (which begins on March 22). The planet of Communications conjunct the planet of Guidance and Relationship in the sign of Emotional Support is good for Giving Advice. But with Pisces the advice is more about Hope and Compassion, and may not be practical or realistic.
Mars changes signs, entering Sagittarius on Wednesday, March 7. The planet of Action and Force will be in the sign of Personal Truth for the next 7 weeks, until May 2. While in Sagittarius, Mars joins up with Saturn, which has been transiting here since last October.
Mars and Saturn are "enemies" in Vedic Astrology: it's the planet of Action + the planet of Restriction & Delay. The result is a lot of Stress and Tension. But used positively, Saturn can help to Focus the energy of Mars, leading to Determined Accomplishment. (more details in this month's Astrology Newsletter).
Jupiter begins a Retrograde Period on Friday, March 9, @ 29 deg Libra. The planet of Opportunity will be "going backwards" in the zodiac for the next 4 months, which is good for checking back on opportunities that did not initially pan out. It's also the planet of Wisdom going back over the past, i.e., good for Self-reflection, "gaining wisdom for the past." Retrograde planets are close to the Earth, therefore strong, but not operating normally. Also, Jupiter is at the very end of a sign this month, which makes it even less reliable.
(more details in the March-April Vedic Astrology Newsletter).