Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mars Square Venus, Mercury Conjunct Neptune, Full Moon, Venus & Mercury Enter Pisces

Venus and Mars form an Exact Square Aspect from Saturday through Monday, Feb 24-26. Mars is powerful in its own sign Scorpio; Venus is in Aquarius. The 4th House Aspect ("Forward Square") is considered Inimical, putting a lot of pressure on Venus significations. I.e., not a good time for Agreement, Relationship, Harmony, etc. (more details in this video post)
Mercury is Exactly conjunct Neptune on Sunday, Feb 25. The planet of Rational Thinking and Reasonable Discussion suffers while in contact with the planet of Illusion, Confusion, and Deception, making Communications difficult, and Media Reports Inaccurate. On the other hand, it may be good for Creative Thinking.
The Full Moon is on Thursday, March 1, @ 17 deg Leo. This marks the culmination of the lunar energies in the lunar sign Purva Phalguni, noted for Creativity, Enjoyment & Pleasure. The Full Moon will be within a couple of degrees of exact opposition to Neptune, increasing the potential for Parties, Strange Events, and Irrational Behavior.
Venus enters Pisces on Thursday, March 1. The planet of Romance and Sociability is considered Exalted in the sign of Faith and Belief. Pisces is the sign of Sympathetic Emotional Support, therefore social engagements should do well for the next 3 weeks.
Mercury enters Pisces on Friday, March 2. This is Mercury's sign of Debilitation, because the planet of Linear Thinking doesn't do well in the emotional sign of Faith. But Mercury will be closely conjunct Exalted Venus for the next three weeks, which is very good for Communication in Romance, Creativity, Imagination, Compassion, etc.


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