Saturday, January 06, 2018

Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn, Mars conjunct Jupiter

Mercury enters sidereal Sagittarius today, Saturday January 6. The planet of Rational Thinking is in the sign of Personal Beliefs for three weeks, until Jan 27. Mercury in Sagittarius emphasizes Ideology. Therefore don't expect much compromise on Ideas and Reasons over the next three weeks.
While in Sagittarius, Mercury combines with Saturn. Saturn is the planet of Control, Endurance, & Persistence. Therefore Mercury's Ideas and Reasoning tend to have Longevity. Saturn is also the Reality Check Planet, which with Mercury brings more Serious Thinking. The exact conjunction of Mercury and Saturn will be Friday- Saturday Jan 12 -13, @ 8 deg Sagittarius. As it happens, that is very close to the USA Vedic Astrology Chart's Ascendant Degree, indicating a high likelihood of some significant decision needing to be made. Therefore, this week will be important for developments in the US. (for more on this, see last week's video post)
Mars is exactly conjunct Jupiter today, Saturday January 6, @ 23 deg Libra. The planet of Action combines with the planet of Law, creating lots of Legal Activity. This has already been evident over the past few days, and will continue to manifest this coming week. Jupiter is also the planet of Optimism, which when combined with Mars promotes Overconfidence, resulting in Reckless Action. Mars will separate from Jupiter when it changes signs on January 16.


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