Saturday, December 09, 2017

Retrograde Mercury Enters Scorpio; Venus Combust

Retrograde Mercury "backs into" sidereal Scorpio on Sunday Dec 10. The problems of Mercury Retrograde will now manifest from the venue of the sign of Secrets, Investigations, and Alliances. This might be helpful in some ways: retrograde Mercury is good for "going back over things" and that would include Research & Investigation. In any case, the problems of Mercury Retrograde continue: Delays, Miscommunication, Misinterpretation, Miscalculation, etc., but now manifesting in the area of life signified by Scorpio's position in your natal chart. (see details for each sign in this video post). Mercury Retrograde will be over on Dec 22.
Retrograde Mercury is conjunct Venus in Scorpio. The exact conjunction will be on Friday, December 15, @ 23 deg Scorpio. The misunderstandings of retrograde Mercury combine with the significations of Venus, indicating problems in Love & Romance. Venus is also the planet of Advice & Guidance, so this would not be a good time to be seeking advice from a lawyer.
Venus becomes Combust the Sun this week. For the last several months Venus has been visible in the East before Sunrise as the "Morning Star," but is now catching up to the Sun. Venus now disappears from view as it rides along with the Sun in the zodiac for the next couple of months. When the planet of Guidance disappears, "we are without guidance." Traditional Astrology sees the combustion of a planet as problematic for that planet's significations. Since it is a Financial planet, when Venus is invisible, it's harder to determine True Value. In early February, Venus will reappear in the West after Sunset as the "Evening Star."


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