Saturday, December 02, 2017

Mercury Retrograde Begins; Full Moon in Taurus

Mercury begins its last retrograde period of 2017 on Sunday, Dec 3, @ 5 deg sidereal Sagittarius. The planet of Rational Thinking "going backwards" means people are less rational than usual. The planet of Communications "held back" from normal progress means that Communications get Delayed. The planet of Facts & Data not operating normally means that Information gets Distorted. Therefore be careful re communications, expect delays, daily operations get screwed up, and media reports are even less reliable than usual. Mercury retrograde periods are good for "going back over things," i.e., editing, making corrections, finishing up past business, etc. But starting anything new is not recommended.
Mercury Retrograde begins while conjunct Saturn. For the first week of the Mercury retrograde period, the planet is tightly conjunct Saturn.  The planet of Limitation, Harsh Realities, Responsibility, & Delay makes the beginning of Mercury Retrograde even worse than usual. After Dec 10, Mercury "backs into" Scorpio and gets away from Saturn. Mercury will be retrograde until December 22.
For more details: see this week's Video Blog Post. 
The Full Moon is on Sunday, Dec 3, @ 17 deg Taurus. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu lunar month Karttika, named for the lunar sign Krittika, except that in 2017 the Taurus Full Moon falls in Rohini. Rohini is a nakshatra known for Fertility, Productivity, Commerce. This Full Moon is in exact Square Aspect to Neptune, indicating some problem due to Imagination, Fantasy, Disconnect from Reality.


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