Saturday, November 25, 2017

Venus Enters Scorpio, Mercury Conjunct Saturn, Mars Enters Libra

Venus changes signs, entering Scorpio on Sunday Nov 26. The planet of Romance leaves its own sign Libra and will be in the sign of Secrets, Passion, Power, Alliances for the next three weeks. Scorpio is also the sign of Investigation; Venus is Young Females. This combination encourages Secret Romance, Seduction, Investigation of Young Lovers, Indiscretion, etc. Venus is in Scorpio until Dec 20.
Mercury is Conjunct Saturn for the next two weeks. Mercury entered Sagittarius on Friday Nov 24, and immediately combined with Saturn; the exact conjunction is on Monday Nov 27 @ 3 deg Sagittarius. The planet of Facts & Information combines with the Reality Check planet in the sign of Truth & Beliefs. Since Sagittarius is attached to Personal Truth, this results in Everyone Feeling Entitled to Their Own Facts, now having to contend with Reality. This conjunction lasts longer than usual, because Mercury is now nearly Stationary in the zodiac, before it goes Retrograde on Dec 3.
Mars changes signs, entering Libra on Wednesday Nov 29. The planet of Action & Aggression leaves Virgo, now moves to the sign of Harmony and Relationship for the next 6 weeks. Basically, this is not a good fit for Mars. Mars will join up with Jupiter, already transiting in Libra since last September. The planet of Action combined with the planet of Optimism indicates too much Self Confidence, leading to Reckless Actions. Mars remains in Libra until Jan 16.
For more Details, see this week's Video Post.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Scorpio New Moon, Mars Square Pluto

The New Moon will be on Saturday, November 18th, @ 2 deg Scorpio. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Kartikka, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, Krittika, which will be on Dec. 3. Except that this year the Full Moon will be in Rohini, the nakshatra after Krittika. Therefore, the energy of the lunar month lines up more with Rohini, a nakshatra associated with Beautiful Young Women, Fertility, Productivity.
Mars will be exactly Square to Pluto on November 19th. Mars is in Virgo; Pluto is in Sagittarius. The two planets will be @ 23 deg of their respective signs. The fourth house aspect of Mars is considered inimical. Mars the planet of Action and Violence is sending its threatening aggressive energy to Pluto the planet of Complete Destruction and Rebirth. The potential is for something with large consequences. In modern astrology, Pluto is also thought to signify Nuclear Energy.