Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mercury Enters Scorpio, Venus Enters Libra, Full Moon in Aries

Mercury changes signs, entering Scorpio on Wednesday, Nov 1. The planet of Data & Information will be in the sign of Secrets and Alliances for the next three weeks, adding energy to the various inquiries going on. While in Scorpio, Mercury forms a Parivartana Yoga (exchange of sign rulers) with Mars, which is in Mercury's sign Virgo. Mars in Virgo is the Aggressive Action planet in the sign of Details & Analysis. Thus the two planets reinforce each other during a month which will obviously be about Investigations. Mercury will be in Scorpio until Nov 24.
Venus changes signs, entering Libra on Thursday, Nov. 2. The planet of Harmony and Agreement in its own sign promotes Compromise, Fairness, Agreement, etc. Venus will immediately be opposite Uranus; the exact opposition is on Friday, Nov 3. The planet of Romance is exchanging energy with the planet of Sudden Events. But since Uranus is also the energy of Freedom & Independence, this pattern can indicate a BreakUp.
Venus joins up with Jupiter, already transiting in Libra. The planet of Love + the planet of Opportunity may bring Romance. It's also the planet of Agreement + planet of Optimism, giving more confidence that agreement can be reached. Venus is the planet of Pleasures; Jupiter is the energy of Increase; the combination indicates "Too Much of a Good Thing," i.e., Indulgence. Venus will be in Libra until Nov. 26.
The Full Moon is on Friday, Nov 3, @ 17 deg Aries. This marks the culmination of the energy of the lunar month. Note that it is simultaneously the day of Uranus opposite Venus, with the Full Moon energy weighing in on the Uranus side of the equation =high potential for Surprise Events.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mars in Virgo, Mercury with Jupiter, Saturn Enters Sagittarius

Mars entered Virgo on Oct 13. It's the planet of Aggression in the sign of Analysis, indicating Aggressive Analysis. Mars brings out the worst of detail oriented Virgo, creating Criticism. Mars joins with Venus, the Romance Planet, which is debilitated in Virgo. Therefore Venus significations suffer, until Venus gets away by entering Libra on Nov 2.
Mercury joins Jupiter in Libra on Oct 17, putting the planet of Information and the planet of Beliefs together in the sign of Idealism for a couple of weeks, until Mercury leaves at the beginning of November. Jupiter overwhelms Mercury, leading to Ideology triumphing over Facts.
Saturn enters Sagittarius on Thursday, Oct 26. The planet of Time & Delay, Responsibility & Obligation, Work & Discipline, Harsh Reality and Suffering, will be in the mostly positive but self-righteous sign of Belief & Philosophies until January 2020. For an analysis of Saturn's effects for each rising sign, see New Video Post.