Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mercury Enters Virgo, Venus Opposite Neptune, Jupiter Opposite Uranus

Mercury changes signs, entering Virgo, on Tuesday Sept 26. The planet of Rational Thinking will be in its own sign for the next 2 -1/2 weeks. By leaving Leo, Mercury also escapes from its enemy Mars. This is Good; Reasonable Discussion, Rational Choices, etc. will be easier to achieve. On the downside, Mercury in Virgo can get too obsessed with Details, and lose site of the larger picture. Mercury will be in Virgo until October 13.
Venus is directly opposite Neptune this week. The planet of Love and Romance is exchanging energy with the planet of Dreams & Idealism. This is good for Devotion, but not particularly realistic. There's also the downside of Neptune: Deception & Confusion, influencing the planet of Guidance & Agreement. The exact opposition is on Friday, Sept 29, when the planets are at 18 deg of their respective signs: Leo for Venus, Aquarius for Neptune. Venus is also getting closer to Mars. The two gender planets together generates a lot of Passion, Heat, Excitement, and Argument.
Jupiter is directly opposite Uranus this week. The planet of Truth & Justice is exchanging energy with the planet of Freedom & Revolution. The exact opposition is at the end of the week, with Jupiter @ 3 deg Libra and Uranus @ 3 deg Aries. Jupiter's Optimism gives encouragement to the Uranian Rebels and Social Revolutionaries. Uranus as the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events influencing Jupiter the planet of Law indicates something surprising coming from the Courts or the Prosecutors. Cue the Mueller Investigation.


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