Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturn Stationary during August

There are no significant changes in the zodiac this week.
Saturn is still retrograde until August 25. Before and after ending its retrograde period, a planet appears to be motionless, i.e, "stationary." Slow-moving planets become stationary for extended periods of time. Saturn is now Stationary @ 27 deg Scorpio. In this case, Saturn the "Great Malefic" will be dispensing its energy of limitation all through August and most of September. A stationary planet is considered to be Strong for effects. The planet of Restriction becomes more restrictive. The planet of Harsh Reality can be especially harsh, even cruel, in the sign Scorpio. The planet of Structure is "stuck" and not making progress in the zodiac. Meanwhile, Mars the planet of Action is still in Cancer, its sign of debilitation, for most of August.  And in the 2nd week of the month, Mercury goes Retrograde. Therefore August is not the best month for new endeavors, or even making progress on existing ones.


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