Saturday, July 01, 2017

Mercury Enters Cancer

Mercury changes signs, entering Cancer, on Sunday, July 2. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Information, The Media, etc., leaves its own sign Gemini and enters the water element sign of the Moon. Emotions-based Cancer is not the best sign for Rational Mercury. On the plus side, Mercury will now separate from Mars, which lags behind in Gemini. Therefore some of the last couple of weeks of Argument and Media Wars may abate somewhat. But on July 11th, Mars will enter Cancer, and once again team up with Mercury for more verbal fisticuffs. Mercury remains in Cancer until July 20.
The Full Moon will be on Saturday, July 8, @ 23 deg Sagittarius. This is the culmination of the Hindu lunar month of Ashada, based on the Moon being in the nakshatra (lunar sign) Purva Ashada. This sign is nicknamed "the Unsubdued." This Full Moon will be closely conjunct Pluto, and simultaneously opposed by Mars, indicating High Energy for Pluto's signification of Destruction and Regeneration, Rebirth.


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