Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mars Square Uranus, Jupiter Trine Venus, Mercury Enters Leo & conjunct Rahu

Mars is exactly Square to Uranus on Monday, July 17. Mars is at 4 deg Cancer; Uranus is at 4 deg Aries. The square aspect is generally an inimical aspect, causing the two planets to challenge each other's energy. Since Aries is a sign owned by Mars, Uranus is already contributing its energy to Mars. Cancer is Mars' sign of Debilitation; a debilitated natural malefic planet can be especially dangerous.Therefore this astrological pattern indicates sudden, explosive anger, violence, etc. The energy pattern will be further enhanced Sunday & Monday due to the Moon transiting through Aries, i.e., conjunct Uranus.
Jupiter is Trine Venus this week. The exact trine is on Tuesday, July 18, with Jupiter @ 21 deg Virgo and Venus @ 21 deg Taurus. Jupiter and Venus are both Financial Planets, so markets should be Up at the beginning of the week.
Mercury changes signs, entering Leo, on Thursday July 20. The planet of Rational Thinking is generally good in the royal sign of the Sun. Also, Mercury gets away from its enemy Mars, which stays behind in Cancer. But not all is well because:
Mercury is conjunct Rahu as soon as it enters Leo. Rahu (North Node of the Moon, i.e., one of the eclipse points) is hanging out in the first degree of Leo. As an eclipse point Rahu has a natural tendency to Obscure, i.e., Distort, the meanings of a planet it combines with. Therefore Mercury's significations will suffer at the end of the week: Illogical Thinking, Fake News, Distorted Information, etc. Mercury moves fairly quickly, and will get away from Rahu's influence in a few days.


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