Saturday, May 13, 2017

Venus Opposite Retrograde Jupiter

Not much changes in the zodiac this week.
Venus will be exactly opposite Retrograde Jupiter on Friday, May 19. Venus will be @ 19 deg Pisces, which is one of Jupiter's signs. Jupiter is at 19 deg Virgo. Both of these planets are "natural benefics," i.e., having mostly positive significations. Venus is Romance; Jupiter is Opportunity. Venus is Pleasure; Jupiter is Increase. Venus is Finance; Jupiter is Wealth. Venus is Agreement; Jupiter is Faith. But since Jupiter is still retrograde, there's a strong likelihood that the outcomes will not be as wonderful as they might be. The planet of Hope, Optimism, Prosperity, etc., when "backwards" tends to hold back its promise.
Jupiter is the planet of Truth & Justice. When it is retrograde, a planet is "going back over" the portion of the zodiac it previously traversed. Thus, retrograde Jupiter signifies Finding Truth in the Past. This is happening in sidereal Virgo, the sign of Analysis. Therefore now is a time of Analyzing the Past to Find Truth and Justice. Obviously there are major implications for investigations into events regarding the president of the US and his past actions.
Mercury is still together with Uranus. The planet of Information and Communications, therefore The Media, is combined with the planet of The Unexpected. By the end of the week, Mercury will be 8 degrees away from Uranus. But this is still close enough to produce more Unexpected News, Revelations, & Realizations.


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