Saturday, May 06, 2017

Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Full Moon in Libra

Mercury is exactly conjunct Uranus on Tuesday, May 9, @ 1 deg Aries. The planet of Communications and News Reports combined with the planet of Unexpected Events = Shocking News, New Information, Radical Pronouncements, etc. Since Mercury only recently ended its retrograde period, it is moving slowly, i.e., this planetary pattern remains effective all week. Mercury is the planet of the Intellect; Uranus is Inspiration; Aries is the sign of Adventure and Thirsts for New Discoveries. This combination promotes New Ideas, Radical Thinking, etc.
The Full Moon is on Wednesday, May 10, @ 26 deg Libra. This is the culmination of the lunar month of Vaishaka, named for Vishakha, the lunar sign that the Full Moon falls in. Vishakha is good for setting goals and accomplishing them. This Full Moon is not in any problematic combination with other planets, therefore its energy can operate freely.
Venus and Jupiter are in Mutual Aspect this month. Jupiter is still retrograde at 20 deg Virgo; Venus is moving to the middle of Pisces and therefore opposite to Jupiter. The exact opposition will be on May 19, with each planet at 19 deg of their respective signs. Venus is the planet of Romance, Pleasure, Entertainment, Sex, etc.; Jupiter is the energy of Increase and Optimism. This pattern indicates Too Much of a Good Thing, and can lead to Excess, Lack of Realism, Indulgence, etc. Jupiter's retrograde condition may help to keep things from going overboard.


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