Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mars enters Gemini and opposes Saturn, Venus enters Aries, Venus conjunct Uranus

Mars enters Gemini on Friday, May 26. The planet of Action, Aggression, & Conflict in the sign of Ideas, Opinions, Consensus & Diplomacy is not a good fit. This combination promotes controversy. In the chart of the USA, Gemini is the 7th house containing 4 natal planets. Thus this transit will have a big impact on the US and its relations with other countries. Mars will be in Gemini for 6 weeks, until July 11. (see video about Mars in Gemini)
Mars is opposite Retrograde Saturn as soon as it enters Gemini. Saturn is in the first degree of Sagittarius, and will immediately be under attack when Mars enters Gemini. The planet of Security and Established Order does not appreciate the influence of the planet of Force, Conflict, and Impatience. Therefore: a strong threat to the Establishment, to Stability, etc, during the final week of May. At the very least, there will be a lot of Tension and Stress.
Venus changes signs, entering Aries, on Tuesday, May 30. The planet of Romance, Pleasures, and Agreement enters the sign of Individual Expression, Discovery, and Creativity. The energy is for Romantic Adventure, New Creative Projects, Self-satisfaction, etc. Venus will be in Aries until June 29.
Venus is conjunct Uranus as soon as it enters Aries. The planet of Love, Finance, and Creativity combines with the planet of Sudden Events and Eccentricity this week, resulting in Inspired Art, Unexpected Financial Changes, Unusual Romance, etc. The exact conjunction of Venus and Uranus is on Saturday, June 3, @ 3 deg Aries.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Venus Opposite Retrograde Jupiter

Not much changes in the zodiac this week.
Venus will be exactly opposite Retrograde Jupiter on Friday, May 19. Venus will be @ 19 deg Pisces, which is one of Jupiter's signs. Jupiter is at 19 deg Virgo. Both of these planets are "natural benefics," i.e., having mostly positive significations. Venus is Romance; Jupiter is Opportunity. Venus is Pleasure; Jupiter is Increase. Venus is Finance; Jupiter is Wealth. Venus is Agreement; Jupiter is Faith. But since Jupiter is still retrograde, there's a strong likelihood that the outcomes will not be as wonderful as they might be. The planet of Hope, Optimism, Prosperity, etc., when "backwards" tends to hold back its promise.
Jupiter is the planet of Truth & Justice. When it is retrograde, a planet is "going back over" the portion of the zodiac it previously traversed. Thus, retrograde Jupiter signifies Finding Truth in the Past. This is happening in sidereal Virgo, the sign of Analysis. Therefore now is a time of Analyzing the Past to Find Truth and Justice. Obviously there are major implications for investigations into events regarding the president of the US and his past actions.
Mercury is still together with Uranus. The planet of Information and Communications, therefore The Media, is combined with the planet of The Unexpected. By the end of the week, Mercury will be 8 degrees away from Uranus. But this is still close enough to produce more Unexpected News, Revelations, & Realizations.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Full Moon in Libra

Mercury is exactly conjunct Uranus on Tuesday, May 9, @ 1 deg Aries. The planet of Communications and News Reports combined with the planet of Unexpected Events = Shocking News, New Information, Radical Pronouncements, etc. Since Mercury only recently ended its retrograde period, it is moving slowly, i.e., this planetary pattern remains effective all week. Mercury is the planet of the Intellect; Uranus is Inspiration; Aries is the sign of Adventure and Thirsts for New Discoveries. This combination promotes New Ideas, Radical Thinking, etc.
The Full Moon is on Wednesday, May 10, @ 26 deg Libra. This is the culmination of the lunar month of Vaishaka, named for Vishakha, the lunar sign that the Full Moon falls in. Vishakha is good for setting goals and accomplishing them. This Full Moon is not in any problematic combination with other planets, therefore its energy can operate freely.
Venus and Jupiter are in Mutual Aspect this month. Jupiter is still retrograde at 20 deg Virgo; Venus is moving to the middle of Pisces and therefore opposite to Jupiter. The exact opposition will be on May 19, with each planet at 19 deg of their respective signs. Venus is the planet of Romance, Pleasure, Entertainment, Sex, etc.; Jupiter is the energy of Increase and Optimism. This pattern indicates Too Much of a Good Thing, and can lead to Excess, Lack of Realism, Indulgence, etc. Jupiter's retrograde condition may help to keep things from going overboard.