Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Moon in Aries, Retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mars Square Nodes

The New Moon will be on Wednesday, April 26, @ 12 deg Aries. This lunation marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month of Vaisakha, named for Vishakha, the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, which will be on May 10. Since Vishakha is all about Setting Goals and Achieving them, this is normally a good month to set forth on a Journey, Initiate a New Project, etc. But unfortunately, the New Moon shares its sign with Retrograde Mercury, which sort of queers the deal, by introducing all the retrograde problems to the energy of the month. Therefore starting new endeavors is not recommended.
Retrograde Mercury is exactly conjunct Uranus on Friday, April 28, @ 1 deg Aries. This is a rather problematic combination, prone to Misunderstandings and Miscalculations, which could have unexpected consequences. Therefore best to beware of any fast developing situations and not give in to Sudden Impulse. Mercury is the planet of The Media; Uranus is The Unexpected. Mercury ends its retrograde period on May 3, but will still be in close conjunction with Uranus until mid-May. Mercury is the planet of the Rational Intellect, and when combined with Uranus planet of Independence, we get Radical Thinking.
Mars is Square to the Rahu-Ketu Axis. The planet of Action is at the exact midpoint (7 deg Taurus) of the Lunar Nodes on Sunday, April 23. Planets at the midpoint of the nodal axis are put under a lot of Tension. Since Mars is the planet of Action and Violence, this is a rather problematic situation, which has already been seeing some effects (Venezuela) and will likely show up in other ways over the coming days, for instance, the French Election.


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