Saturday, April 08, 2017

Mercury Retrograde Begins, Full Moon in Virgo, Mars Enters Taurus

Mercury begins a Retrograde period on Sunday, April 9. The planet of Communications and Rational Thinking will appear to be moving "backwards" in the zodiac for the next 24 days, until May 3. Mercury begins its retrograde period at 10 deg Aries, backing up to 0 degrees Aries at the end of its retrograde.
Retrograde Mercury is moving towards a conjunction with Uranus, exact at the end of the month. Uranus has just entered Aries, and will be at 1 deg Aries by the end of April. Due to combining with the planet of Unexpected Events, this Retrograde Mercury period promises to be a lot more Crazy than normal. Along with the usual annoying problems of Misunderstandings, Delays in Communications, Mistakes in Transactions, Equipment Malfunction, etc., there will be an additional "Surprise" factor. This can either be Exciting, or Extremely Unnerving. Due to an increased likelihood of Communication Problems leading to Disruption of Everyday Activities, it is best to be really careful, especially during the last week of the month when the conjunction will be exact.
The Full Moon is on Tuesday, April 11, @ 27 deg Virgo. (near midnight on Monday for most of the USA). This marks the culmination of the Hindu lunar month Chaitra. This Full Moon will be closely conjunct Jupiter, which would normally be a good thing. But Jupiter is still Retrograde, so its normal contribution of Hopeful Optimism is tempered somewhat, and with so many other planets retrograde simultaneously, the energy is more towards Doubt rather than Confidence.
Mars enters Taurus on Wednesday, April 12. The planet of Action will be in the sign of the sensual materialist for the next 6 weeks, until May 26. Mars energizes Taurus for acquiring Wealth, Possessions, Assets, etc. Mars in Taurus also emphasizes sensual enjoyments. The downside of Mars in Taurus is that this is the planet of Aggression in the sign of the Bull. When the Bull gets Angry, it's Bad.


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