Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mercury conjunct Retrograde Venus, Mercury conjunct Uranus

Mercury is conjunct Venus @ 15 deg Pisces on Saturday, March 18. Venus is retrograde, making the signfications of that planet unreliable. The problems of retrograde Venus therefore influence Mercury. Thus, the Facts and Data of Mercury are distorted by Venus the planet of Appearances, and of Guidance. Mercury is also weakened by being in Pisces, its sign of debilitation. This energy pattern continues through the week.
Mercury next moves into conjunction with Uranus. The planet of Communications and The Media combines with the planet of Unexpected Events, promising an exciting news cycle for the week. Simultaneously, Mercury will be opposite to Retrograde Jupiter. Since Jupiter is the planet of Beliefs and Ideology, the Mercury-Uranus combination will likely upset some sacred cows. Also: Uranus & Mercury influence Jupiter the planet of Truth, which by being retrograde, indicates finding the Truth in the Past. This pattern suggests there will be some Revelations coming this week. The exact conjunction will be on March 26, @ 29 deg Pisces. More details in this weeks video blog.


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