Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mars Opposite Jupiter, Mars Conjunct Uranus, Mercury enters Aquarius

Mars is Directly opposite Retrograde Jupiter this week. The planet of Action and Combat is attacking the planet of Ethics, Truth and Justice. This is not a good week for the higher qualities of Jupiter. Simultaneously, Jupiter is aspecting Mars: the planet of Optimism influences the planet of Action, making Rash, Risky Actions more likely. The exact opposition is on Monday February 27: Jupiter at 28 deg Virgo; Mars @ 28 deg Pisces.
Mars conjunct Uranus this week. This is a rather combustible combination: the planet of Violence together with the planet of Sudden Events =high potential for Accidents. The aspect of Jupiter, planet of Increase, shining on the Mars-Uranus conjunction serves to increase chances of a major event. Also: Mars is Violence, Uranus is Rebels, and Jupiter is Confidence = potential for Terrorist Acts. The exact conjunction is Sunday Feb 26, @ 27 deg Pisces.  More Details in this Video post. 
Mercury enters Aquarius on Wednesday, Feb 22. The planet of Rational Thinking is happy in the air sign that values Contemplation, and likes acquiring Knowledge. But Mercury has to contend with its opposite, Neptune, the planet of the Dreams and the Irrational. The result is good for Imaginative Thinking, but can also lead to Confusion and Misunderstanding. The exact conjunction of Mercury and Neptune will be March 4.


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