Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturn Enters Sagittarius, Venus Enters Pisces, Capricorn New Moon

Saturn changes signs, entering Sagittarius, on January 27. After spending 2 years in Scorpio, the planet of Structure, Obligation, Restriction, Stability, etc. will now manifest from a new venue in the zodiac. Sagittarius is a positive upbeat sign, so this is mostly good. Problem is, due to going through a retrograde period starting in April, Saturn will be hanging around the borderline between Scorpio and Sagittarius for most of 2017. This is one of the "Gandant" areas of the zodiac, a sort of Pothole where planets loose a lot of strength. Therefore the planet of Stability will be Unstable for the next several months. Actually, Saturn has already been in the Gandant degrees since early December. The most obvious example is all the instability created by the new Trump Administration.
Venus changes signs, entering Pisces, on Friday, January 28. This is Venus's sign of Exaltation, meaning that some of the best qualities of Venus manifest in this sign. It's the planet of Love and Harmony in the sensitive sign of Emotional Support. The downside is that the Pleasure principle of Venus can go a bit overboard in profligate Pisces. Also, the benefit of exalted Venus is not initially apparent, because Venus joins with Mars for most of February, creating a lot of Heat, Passion, and Argument. Venus will stay in Pisces for much longer than usual because it will go into a retrograde period in early March. Venus therefore remains in Pisces for four months, until the end of May.
The New Moon is on Friday, January 27, @ 14 deg Capricorn. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month of Makkha, named for Magha, the nakshatra of the Full Moon. Except that this year, the Full Moon falls in the prior nakshatra, Ashlesha. Therefore the month takes on the qualities of Ashlesha, the sign of the snake, known for manipulation, sneaky behavior, and poisoning one's enemies. This New Moon also marks the Chinese New Year, on January 28, which kicks off the year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster is known for a lot of Strutting Around, and making A Lot of Noise. Also, being protective of one's harem (family).  More on Saturn & Venus & New Moon in this weeks video post.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturn Square Mars, Mars Enters Pisces

Saturn Square Mars this week: Saturn approaches the end of Scorpio, while Mars approaches the end of Aquarius; the two planets will be exactly 90 degrees from each other on Thursday, January 19. Simultaneously, the two planets are in Parivartana Yoga, i.e., occupy each other's signs. The Mars-Saturn combination produces a lot of Frustration, Tension and Stress, which has been obvious over the past weeks, and reaches its final point of intensity this week just before Mars changes signs.
On Friday, January 20, Mars enters Pisces. After spending 6 weeks in Aquarius, the planet of Action and Force now moves into the sign of Hope and Faith. This planetary pattern gives energy to the Believers, the Devotees, and to the Zealots. Naturally the energy will be available to followers of all stripes, and will likely produce more dissension between various groups.
Mars will join up with Uranus, already transiting in Pisces. The planet of Force combined with the planet of Rebellion and Sudden Unexpected Events is a dangerous, volatile combination that will undoubtedly produce results especially as the two get closer together in February. The events will occur in both the Human Realm as well as Mother Nature.
Additionally, Mars will be opposing Jupiter, the planet of Truth and Belief, which has been transiting at the end of Virgo. This pattern will exacerbate the tensions and fighting between groups and parties with Opposing Beliefs, the worst of it coming in late February when the opposition will be exact.
Mars will be in Pisces until March 1.