Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mars Enters Aquarius, joins Neptune & Ketu

Mars enters Aquarius on Sunday, December 11. The planet of Action will be in the sign of Humanitarian Concern & Social Revolution for nearly six weeks, until January 19. This could be considered good for Liberal Progressive Agendas. 
Mars will join up with Neptune & Ketu, already transiting in this sign. Neptune is the planet of Dreams & Delusion, Deception & Confusion. Ketu is the connection with Past Karma and the Unseen World, and has an incendiary quality, similar to Mars. Therefore, this combination is considered rather malefic. Both Neptune and Ketu are on some level Idealistic. Aquarius is also idealistic, especially in a social sense. Mars is Aggression and Combat. Therefore it is quite possible that there will be some violent events, driven by ideology. Or it could manifest as Violence in the natural world.
The exact conjunction of Mars and Ketu will be on Dec 25-26. The exact conjunction of Mars and Neptune comes a week later, on Dec. 31. Therefore the holiday week is marred by a rather pernicious energy pattern, which will likely give rise to some unpleasant events. For more details, see:


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