Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mars Conjunct Neptune, Venus Conjunct Ketu

Mars is exactly conjunct Neptune on Dec 31, @ 15 deg Aquarius. The planet of Action and Violence is joining forces with the planet of Fantasy, Delusion, and Deception. This energy pattern is problematic, even ominous, with a potential for Unintended Results, and even Violence. Neptune is also the planet of Intoxication, which with Mars can lead to overdoing it for the New Year holiday. Mercury, the planet of making decisions, is still Retrograde, creating a high potential for Accidents.
Venus is exactly conjunct Ketu on Jan 7, @ 10 deg Aquarius. The planet of Romance joins up with the Eclipse point, which can damage Venus significations. Ketu is a spiritual indicator, which combined with Venus can give Devotion. Since Mars accompanies Venus and Neptune in Aquarius, the sign of Social Idealism, there can be Passion for Social Ideals.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Mars Conjunct Ketu, Venus Enters Aquarius, New Moon in Sagittarius

Mars is exactly conjunct Ketu on Dec 25 -Dec 26, @ 11 deg Aquarius. The planet of Action and Aggression joins with the mysterious South Node of the Moon, which can bring Extreme Events, even Chaos. These events can be either Human caused or from Mother Nature. Since Aquarius is a sign associated with Social Change, it could signal more Terrorist Actions occurring during the holiday weekend. Watch Youtube Video analysis of Mars conjunct Ketu.
Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday, Dec 28. The planet of Compromise and Harmony will be in the sign of the Humanitarian for the nearly all of January, until Jan 28. While in Aquarius, Venus will join up with Ketu and Neptune, both signifying Idealism, and Mars, planet of Action. Venus + Mars = Passion. The result is Passion for Social Ideals.
The New Moon is on Thursday, Dec 29, @ 13 deg Sagittarius. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month of Pushya, named for Pushyami, the nakshatra of the Full Moon. Except that this year, the Full Moon will be in Purnavasu, the prior nakshatra, on Jan 12. Purnavasu is good for Starting Over; i.e., it has the energy of Success on the 2nd Attempt. This New Moon is closely conjunct Retrograde Mercury, which will boost the Retrograde energy for the coming weeks, increasing the Potential for Misunderstandings and Mistakes, i.e., this is not a favorable lunar month for beginning new projects. Watch Youtube Video analysis of Mercury Retrograde

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mercury Retrograde Begins; Winter Solstice, Jupiter opposite Uranus

Mercury begins a Retrograde Period on Monday, Dec 19, @ 21 deg Sagittarius. The planet of Facts and Data in the sign of Personal Beliefs is not the best placement for Mercury, which now gets worse due to the retrograde effects. The result is that everyone feels entitled to "their own facts."
The usual precautions for Mercury Retrograde periods should be observed: Expect Delays in Everyday Operations, Messages get Misinterpreted, Equipment Failure happens more Often, Mistakes in Business Transactions, etc. The potential for Misunderstandings is increased because the sign Sagittarius won't admit to making mistakes. The interference of Beliefs with Facts gets emphasized due to the Parivartana yoga between Mercury and Jupiter, which is in Mercury's sign Virgo. Mercury will be Retrograde until January 7.
For Analysis by way of your rising sign, watch this video:
The Winter Solstice is on Wednesday, Dec 21. This marks the point of the Sun's furthest travel towards the southern horizon (as seen from the Northern Hemisphere) and thus the shortest period of daylight for those living north of the equator. In Vedic Astrology this is considered to be a time of Weakness; therefore not favorable for starting anything important, for three days before and after the solstice. On the other hand, it is good for spiritual observances.
Jupiter is now within a degree of exact opposition to Uranus, which is coming to the end of its retrograde period. A planet at the end of retrograde is "Stationary" in the Heavens, and very powerful for effects. The planet of Sudden Events, Rebellion, Independent Action, Disruption, etc. opposes the planet of Truth, Law, Justice, Wisdom, Prosperity, etc. Generally, this is not a good situation for Jupiter and its significations. On the other hand, the Rebels symbolized by Uranus will benefit from the influence of Jupiter. The exact opposition between the two planets will be over the Christmas Holiday, with Jupiter @ 26 deg Virgo and Uranus @ 26 deg Pisces.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mars Enters Aquarius, joins Neptune & Ketu

Mars enters Aquarius on Sunday, December 11. The planet of Action will be in the sign of Humanitarian Concern & Social Revolution for nearly six weeks, until January 19. This could be considered good for Liberal Progressive Agendas. 
Mars will join up with Neptune & Ketu, already transiting in this sign. Neptune is the planet of Dreams & Delusion, Deception & Confusion. Ketu is the connection with Past Karma and the Unseen World, and has an incendiary quality, similar to Mars. Therefore, this combination is considered rather malefic. Both Neptune and Ketu are on some level Idealistic. Aquarius is also idealistic, especially in a social sense. Mars is Aggression and Combat. Therefore it is quite possible that there will be some violent events, driven by ideology. Or it could manifest as Violence in the natural world.
The exact conjunction of Mars and Ketu will be on Dec 25-26. The exact conjunction of Mars and Neptune comes a week later, on Dec. 31. Therefore the holiday week is marred by a rather pernicious energy pattern, which will likely give rise to some unpleasant events. For more details, see:

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Preview of Important Planetary Changes 2017

No planets changing signs this week.
Here's a new article about some of what's coming in 2017: