Saturday, November 19, 2016

Neptune Conjunct Ketu, Mercury Conjunct Saturn, Venus Conjunct Pluto

No planets changing signs this week, but there are some unusual combinations.
The Neptune-Ketu conjunction continues. The planet of Dreams combines with the significator of Past Karma @ 15 deg Aquarius, stimulating Social Idealism, Progressive Goals, Hopes for a Better World, etc.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Saturn @ 22 deg Scorpio on Wednesday, Nov 23. The planet of Rational Thinking, Ideas & Reasons, Communication, Media, etc. combines with the Reality Check planet in the sign of Secrets, Power, and Alliances. This energy pattern is in progress all this week, and tends to precipitate a Crisis in Thinking.
Venus is exactly conjunct Pluto @ 21 deg Sagittarius on Friday, Nov 25. The planet of Romance, Guidance, Pleasures, Finance, etc., combines with the planet of Destruction and Rebirth in the sign of Beliefs, Personal Truth, Convictions. With this energy combination there's an Love of & Attraction for Extreme Actions.


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