Saturday, October 08, 2016

Venus Enters Scorpio, Full Moon Conjunct Uranus

Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on Thursday, Oct 13. The planet of Love in the intense sign of the Scorpion is somewhat problematic, indicating High Passions. But in this case, the passion gets tamed by the presence of Saturn, planet of Restriction and Harsh Reality, which is already transiting in this sign. Venus + Saturn is good for Saturn significations, i.e., good for Older People, The Established Order, etc. The exact conjunction of Venus and Saturn is on Oct. 29. Venus remains in Scorpio until Nov 6.
The Full Moon is on Saturday, Oct. 15, @ 29 deg Pisces. (early Sunday AM for East Coast & Europe).The last degree of the zodiac is considered auspicious for Spiritual Endeavors.
This Full Moon is in near exact conjunction with Uranus. Full Moon energy is considered to be Extreme, i.e., Hard to Control. In this case the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events is conjoined with the high energy of the Full Moon, giving the potential for something Exciting, or Disastrous, to occur. Or it could manifest as some sort of Realization. Best to be cautious and stick to routine activities.
Mars approaches conjunction with Pluto. By the end of the week, Mars is 2 degrees from the exact conjunction. Pluto is the planet of Complete Destruction and Rebirth. Mars is the planet of Force & Violence. Therefore, the energy of their conjunction is likely to produce some sort of large scale event, either in nature, or the human world. The exact conjunction is on October 19, @ 20 deg Sagittarius.


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