Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mercury in Libra, Venus conjunct Saturn

Mercury went into Libra on Friday, Oct. 21. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Ideas & Explanations, etc., does well in the sign of Balance and Harmony. Therefore Speech, Media Reports, etc., will be more reasonable and balanced during the coming weeks. Mercury stays in Libra until November 8.
Venus is conjunct Saturn this week. The exact conjunction is on Saturday, Oct 29, @ 20 deg Scorpio. The planet of Love combines with the planet of Obligation and Delay, which could either lead to Mature Love & Commitment, or Denial of Love altogether. Venus is also the planet of Finance, with Saturn planet of Harsh Reality, may become a negative for Markets. Saturn in Scorpio is rather suspect, and can cause Suffering, so the Venus-Saturn combination is not considered favorable in this case. Venus leaves Scorpio on Nov. 7.


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