Saturday, October 29, 2016

Libra New Moon, Mars Enters Capricorn

The New Moon is on Sunday, October 30, @ 13 deg Libra. This marks the beginning of the lunar month of Karttika, named for Krittika, the nakshatra of the Full Moon, which will be on Nov 14. Krittika is associated with Fierce Actions, Courage, Leadership, Dealing with Authority, Waging War. Considered a good month for starting things that require enterprise and daring.
The New Moon is Conjunct Mercury, which is @ 15 deg Libra. Therefore the energy of the coming lunar month is tied to the qualities of Mercury, i.e., Ideas and Reasons, Communications and The Media, Reports and Stories, etc.
Mars enters Capricorn on Monday, Oct 31. The planet of Action, Fast Results, Aggression, Haste, and War, will be in the sign of Practical Realization for 6 weeks, until Dec 11. Mars is considered Exalted in this sign. Therefore some of the best qualities of Mars are promoted. This is a good combination for Getting Things Started and Accomplished.
Mars is Exchanging Signs with Saturn. Since Saturn is in Scorpio, one of the signs owned by Mars, and Mars will be in Saturn's sign, the two are in a Parivartana Yoga, i.e., exchanging energy by being in each other's signs. Thus the energy of Mars gets a boost from Saturn, making the force of Mars more Focused and Concentrated. Along with the qualities of the lunar month, the Mars-Saturn interaction makes November a good month for Starting New Endeavors, Accomplishing Tasks, etc.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mercury in Libra, Venus conjunct Saturn

Mercury went into Libra on Friday, Oct. 21. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Ideas & Explanations, etc., does well in the sign of Balance and Harmony. Therefore Speech, Media Reports, etc., will be more reasonable and balanced during the coming weeks. Mercury stays in Libra until November 8.
Venus is conjunct Saturn this week. The exact conjunction is on Saturday, Oct 29, @ 20 deg Scorpio. The planet of Love combines with the planet of Obligation and Delay, which could either lead to Mature Love & Commitment, or Denial of Love altogether. Venus is also the planet of Finance, with Saturn planet of Harsh Reality, may become a negative for Markets. Saturn in Scorpio is rather suspect, and can cause Suffering, so the Venus-Saturn combination is not considered favorable in this case. Venus leaves Scorpio on Nov. 7.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Venus Enters Scorpio, Full Moon Conjunct Uranus

Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on Thursday, Oct 13. The planet of Love in the intense sign of the Scorpion is somewhat problematic, indicating High Passions. But in this case, the passion gets tamed by the presence of Saturn, planet of Restriction and Harsh Reality, which is already transiting in this sign. Venus + Saturn is good for Saturn significations, i.e., good for Older People, The Established Order, etc. The exact conjunction of Venus and Saturn is on Oct. 29. Venus remains in Scorpio until Nov 6.
The Full Moon is on Saturday, Oct. 15, @ 29 deg Pisces. (early Sunday AM for East Coast & Europe).The last degree of the zodiac is considered auspicious for Spiritual Endeavors.
This Full Moon is in near exact conjunction with Uranus. Full Moon energy is considered to be Extreme, i.e., Hard to Control. In this case the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events is conjoined with the high energy of the Full Moon, giving the potential for something Exciting, or Disastrous, to occur. Or it could manifest as some sort of Realization. Best to be cautious and stick to routine activities.
Mars approaches conjunction with Pluto. By the end of the week, Mars is 2 degrees from the exact conjunction. Pluto is the planet of Complete Destruction and Rebirth. Mars is the planet of Force & Violence. Therefore, the energy of their conjunction is likely to produce some sort of large scale event, either in nature, or the human world. The exact conjunction is on October 19, @ 20 deg Sagittarius.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Mercury Enters Virgo

Mercury Enters Virgo on Monday, Oct 3. Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury, therefore Mercury operates well in this sign. Virgo's significations are similarly enhanced. Thus: good for dealing with Details, Analysis, Rational Evaluation, etc.
Mercury joins Jupiter, which has been transiting in Virgo since last August. The exact conjunction is on Oct. 11. The planet of the Intellect with the planet of Wisdom should lead to Intelligent Analysis and Better Understanding. The planet of Ideas combined with the planet of Expansion = Big Ideas.  
The sign Virgo gets obsessed with the details, and since Mercury is the planet of The Media, combined with Jupiter, we get Exaggerated Stories, i.e., things appear to be more important than they really are. The planet of Rational Thinking combined with Jupiter's energy of Increase can lead to "Over-Thinking" things.
Mercury will be in Virgo until October 21.