Saturday, August 20, 2016

Venus Enters Virgo, Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Mars Conjunct Saturn and Square Neptune

Venus enters Virgo on Thursday, Aug 25th. The planet of Love in the sign of Analysis is not a good fit: Venus is considered debilitated in this sign. But this is also the planet of the Arts in the sign of Details, so it can be good for artwork. Venus will be in Virgo until September 18.
Venus joins with Jupiter & Mercury forming a triple conjunction in the early degrees of Virgo for the coming week. Since all three planets are considered "natural benefics" it may sound like their conjunction is a good thing, but this is not necessarily true. Jupiter is the energy of Faith and Belief, and can overwhelm Mercury's Facts and Details. Jupiter is the planet of Increase, and can make the Venus inclination for pleasure get out of hand.
Venus Exactly conjunct Jupiter on Saturday Aug 27, @ 3 deg Virgo.
Venus + Jupiter = too much of a good thing: Excessive Indulgence, False Optimism, etc. Maybe Mercury's reasonableness helps to hold things in check.
Mars and Saturn exactly conjunct on Wednesday, Aug 24, @ 15 deg Scorpio. Some of the possibilities: Planet of Action + planet of Delay =Frustration. Planet of Force + planet of Focus =Deadly Force. Planet of Aggression + planet of Persistence =Intractable Foe. Scorpio is a sign with an instinct for acquiring and using Power, so this combination has potential to manifest as something violent and overwhelming.
Mars Square Neptune exact on Thursday-Friday, August 25 -26. The planet of Aggression in an inimical aspect with the planet of Dreams & Idealism is not favorable for fulfilling your dreams. The destructive potential of Mars is powered up by its conjunction with Saturn. Neptune in Aquarius is Social Idealism. Thus, not a favorable combination for promoting progressive policy or politics.


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