Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mercury Begins Retrograde, New Moon in Leo

Mercury goes Retrograde on Tuesday, August 30, @ 5 deg Virgo. Mercury will be closely conjunct Venus and Jupiter this week; all three are clustered in the early degrees of Virgo. Virgo is Mercury's sign, so Mercury's retrograde condition will affect both Jupiter and Venus. Therefore, the energy will be rather confused. Jupiter the planet of Faith & Belief will contaminate Mercury planet of Facts & Data, which will already be disadvantaged by being retrograde. Therefore, not a good week for making important decisions.
Mercury will "back up" in Virgo and enter Leo on Sept 8, spending the rest of its retrograde period in that sign. Mercury Retrograde ends on Sept. 21, @ 20 deg Leo.
The usual Retrograde Mercury precautions apply: People are less rational, Misunderstandings are more likely, expect Delay in Communications, careful of Mistakes in Transactions, Equipment Failure is more likely. The beginning of the retrograde period will be plagued by False Optimism, due to the conjunction with Jupiter and Venus. Therefore be on guard for Exaggerated Expectations.
New Moon on Thursday, Sept 1, @ 15 deg Leo. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, Purva Bhadra, which will be Sept 16. This lunar month has a bad reputation. Many unpleasant events and disasters have occurred in Bhadrapada. Recent examples: the 9-11 event, Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 Financial Meltdown. Combined with the Mercury Retrograde period, and the ongoing conjunction of Mars and Saturn (see previous posts) it appears that this lunar month we should be careful and not take risks.


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