Saturday, August 06, 2016

Jupiter Enters Virgo

Jupiter enters Virgo on Thursday, August 11. Since mid-July, 2015, Jupiter has been transiting in Leo. Now Jupiter moves on in the zodiac, creating a new energy pattern with some notable effects. The planet of Increase, Optimism, Religion, Truth Prosperity, Generosity, Wisdom, and Law will be in the sign of Details, Analysis, Service, Perfection, Methodology. Jupiter manifesting in Virgo for the next thirteen months means there will be a lot of seeking Wisdom through Analysis, Methodical application of Technique, and an Obsession with Truth. The downside is a Fussy Preoccupation with Perfection.
In the USA Astrology Chart, Jupiter in Virgo will be in the 10th house, the house of the Ruler, therefore, the current party in power: the Democrats. Jupiter's energy of Increase appears to indicate an Expansion of Executive Power, and favors the incumbents for the upcoming November election.
Jupiter will manifest its energy of Increase depending on which House of your Vedic Astrology Chart it transits through. A new video describing the effects for each rising sign will be available on Aug 7: 


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