Saturday, July 30, 2016

Venus Enters Leo, New Moon in Cancer

Venus leaves Cancer and enters Leo on Sunday, July 31. The planet of Art, Romance, Agreement, Guidance, and Finance will be in the sign of Leaders and Governments for most of August. Venus joins three planets already transiting in Leo: Mercury, Jupiter, and Rahu. Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are all classed as "Natural Benefics." Having three of the best planets all in one sector of the zodiac can be good, but also creates an imbalance. Also: Rahu, the eclipse point, is there, which tends to Obscure, or Distort, the significations of the other planets. Therefore, this combination cannot be trusted to give beneficial results. More details on this Youtube video.
The New Moon will be on Tuesday, July 2, @ 16 deg Cancer. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month Shravana, named for the lunar sign of the full Moon. Except that this year, the Full Moon will fall in the following nakshatra, Dhanishta (on Aug 18). Therefore, the energy of the month takes on more of the nature of Dhanishta, considered a positive nakshatra for acting in a responsible way and accomplishing things (it is Obama's rising nakshatra). This New Moon has no planet associated nor any malefic aspect, and therefore can manifest its energies unimpeded.


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