Saturday, July 09, 2016

Mercury Enters Cancer, Mars Returns to Scorpio

Mercury changes signs on Sunday, July 10, entering Cancer: The planet of the Rational Intellect is not happy in a water sign governed by the Emotions. Thus, rational thinking is not so favorable for the next few weeks. But Intuitive Thinking is perhaps better.
While in Cancer, Mercury will team up with Venus; the exact conjunction is on July 16th. This puts the planet of Information together with the planet of Guidance, but again, influenced by Feelings. Mercury is Communication; Venus is The Arts & Entertainment; Cancer is the sign of The Public. Mercury will be in Cancer until July 27th.
Mars returns to Scorpio on Tuesday, July 12. After spending 4 weeks in the last degrees of Libra, during which time Mars ended its retrograde period, the planet of Action now comes back to its own sign, which is good for Mars. Except that Mars again must contend with Saturn, still in Scorpio. Mars & Saturn are enemies, as well as being two first-rate malefic planets. Thus, the energy pattern in this sector of the zodiac will be rather rough. Mars is Action; Saturn is Control & Focus. This is good for Focused, Determined Action. Unfortunately, in a power-oriented sign like Scorpio, the energy can go overboard, becoming Cruel and Ruthless. Mars remains in Scorpio until September 17.


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