Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mercury Enters Gemini, Uranus enters Aries, Mars goes Direct

Mercury enters Gemini on Monday, June 27. A planet in its own sign is strong for its significations.  Mercury is not under any malefic influence at this time. Therefore, Communications, Ideas & Reasons, Rational Discussion, etc., will be favorable for the next two weeks, until Mercury leaves Gemini on July 10.
Uranus enters Aries this week. After 7 years in Pisces, the planet of Freedom and Independence will change signs, and enter the Pioneer sign of the zodiac. But, before we get our hopes up, be aware that Uranus will only get 1/2 degree into Aries, when it goes Retrograde at the end of July, and then "backs into" Pisces in early September, not to return to Aries until April 2017.
Mars Retrograde Ends on June 30. After 11 weeks of the planet of Action being held back in the zodiac, Mars will go back to normal forward motion. But it is now in the last degree of Libra; not a favorable position for Mars. We have to wait until Mars returns to its own sign, Scorpio, on July 12, for the energy of the Action Planet to be really available. Therefore, frustration and unintentional consequences still prevail for a few more weeks.


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