Saturday, May 14, 2016

Venus Enters Taurus, Venus Opposite Mars

Venus changes signs, entering Taurus, on Thursday, May 19th. Venus rules Taurus; a planet in its own sign is strong. The significations of Venus, as well as Taurus (and the house containing Taurus in your own chart), should benefit from this situation for the next few weeks. But, there are a couple of problems: Venus is getting closer and closer to the Sun, i.e., entering into Deep Combustion. Therefore, Venus and its significations are getting "burnt up" (see previous post). This condition weakens Venus and its potential for creating benefits.
As soon as Venus enters Taurus, it is directly across the Heavens from Mars, the "attack planet" which is transiting opposite in the sign Scorpio. Mars is retrograde and in its own sign, therefore powerful. Mars also carries the energy of retrograde Saturn, which accompanies Mars in Scorpio, making the aspect of Mars especially malefic.
Thus, the significations of Venus will suffer for the next couple of weeks. Compromise and Agreement will be More Difficult to achieve. Love and Romance will hit a Rough Patch. Financial Markets will be Stressed. The exact opposition of Mars to Venus is on May 24. By the end of the month, Venus will be enough advanced in Taurus to not be suffering so much from Mars, but by then Venus will be in near exact conjunction with the Sun.


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