Saturday, March 12, 2016

Venus Squared by Mars, Mercury enters Pisces, Saturn square Jupiter

Venus gets into trouble this week. A powerful Mars in its own sign sends its malefic square aspect to the planet of Romance and Agreement, making Harmony hard to come by. As the week progresses, Venus advances in Aquarius and comes under the influence of Neptune. By next weekend, Venus will be exactly conjunct Neptune, on Sunday, March 20th. Venus as the planet of Romance, combined with Neptune the planet of Dreams, tends to be Unrealistic in the Romance Department. Venus is the planet of Value; Neptune can be Delusional, which isn’t helpful for the Financial Markets. On the other hand, Venus as the planet of the Arts, combined with Neptune’s imagination, can be good for Creative Projects.
Mercury changes signs, entering Pisces, on Friday, March 18th. Mercury is considered Debilitated in Pisces. It's the planet of Rational Thinking in the watery, emotional sign of the Oceans. Therefore, Mercury's significations will suffer for the next few weeks. People are less rational; emotions influence decisions. Mercury is in Pisces until April 2nd.
Saturn and Jupiter are in Square to each other. This pattern has been slowly forming over the past month. The planet of Harsh Reality and Limitation sends its inimical square aspect to the planet of Hope, Truth, and Prosperity, setting up a negative vibe that continues through March. Saturn is stationary this week and next, before it goes retrograde on March 25th. A stationary planet is especially strong. Saturn will be exactly square to Jupiter just as it goes retrograde, putting a lot of pressure on Jupiter's significations.


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