Saturday, March 26, 2016

Venus Enters Pisces; Mercury Enters Aries

Venus changes signs, entering Pisces, on Thursday, March 31. Venus is considered Exalted in Pisces, therefore the best of Venus will be on display for the next few weeks. Venus is the planet of Love; Pisces is Romantic. Venus is the planet of Harmony; Pisces is Sympathetic. Venus is the planet of Pleasures; Pisces can be Extravagant. There are no direct malefic influences on Venus, so this should be an agreeable transit. Venus is in Pisces until April 24.
Mercury changes signs, entering Aries, on Saturday, April 2. The planet of Rational Thinking in the sign of Independence and Creativity makes for a lot of Innovative Thinking. Mercury likes Variety; Aries is happy to take on new adventures. This can give birth to New Ideas, Fast-moving events, as well as Reckless Thinking. Usually Mercury moves through a sign in three weeks or less. But due to going through a retrograde period starting at the end of April, Mercury will remain in Aries until June 8.
Mercury is conjunct Uranus this week. Before leaving Pisces, Mercury must encounter Uranus, the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. The exact conjunction is on Thursday, March 31, @ 25 deg Pisces. This combination can result in Inspired Thinking, Unusual News Story, or an Emergency. Since Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, the outcome may not be favorable. Simultaneously Venus, the planet of Guidance, is changing signs. Therefore this is not the best week for making an important decision.


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