Saturday, March 05, 2016

Venus Enters Aquarius, Total Solar Eclipse, Mercury Conjunct Neptune

A lot going on in the zodiac this week... all of it in the sign Aquarius.
Venus changes signs, entering Aquarius, on Monday March 7th. Venus is OK in Aquarius: it’s the planet of Agreement and Compromise in the sign of the Social Humanitarian. Therefore, this could be a good time period for negotiations that benefit everybody.
But.... not all is well, due to Venus immediately receiving the unfriendly square aspect of Mars, planet of Aggression and Conflict. Mars is especially strong in its own sign Scorpio, and puts heavy pressure on Venus’s prospects this week. Mars-Venus interactions bring Passion and Argument... which destroys the Venus capacity for agreement. 
The exact Square of Mars to Venus will be on Monday, March 14. 
There is a Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, March 8th.
This is the only total eclipse of the Sun in 2016, and occurs at 24 degrees Aquarius. This is also the beginning of the Hindu Lunar month of Falguna. Due to the eclipse, the energy of the month is weak. The eclipse will not be visible in the Western Hemisphere... in fact, except for Indonesia and the South Pacific, most of the globe will miss it.  
An unusual situation for this eclipse is that it occurs exactly opposite Retrograde Jupiter. Since the eclipse is a New Moon, the interaction with Jupiter carries this energy through the lunar month. Thus, we can expect that Jupiter significations, such as Prosperity, Confidence, The Law, Courts, Banks & Bonds, Beliefs and Religion, will be impacted during the weeks following the eclipse.  
Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius this week. The planet of Rational Thinking combines with the planet of Dreams and Fantasies.The only good use of this energy pattern is for Creative Thinking. Otherwise, it generates Irrational Thinking, Lack of Realism, and Confusion. Aquarius is the sign of the Social Revolutionary. All of this while the voters are going to the polls to chose their candidates, and pundits are analyzing the potential outcome. The exact conjunction of Mercury and Neptune will be on Thursday, March 10, @ 15 deg Aquarius. 


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