Saturday, March 26, 2016

Venus Enters Pisces; Mercury Enters Aries

Venus changes signs, entering Pisces, on Thursday, March 31. Venus is considered Exalted in Pisces, therefore the best of Venus will be on display for the next few weeks. Venus is the planet of Love; Pisces is Romantic. Venus is the planet of Harmony; Pisces is Sympathetic. Venus is the planet of Pleasures; Pisces can be Extravagant. There are no direct malefic influences on Venus, so this should be an agreeable transit. Venus is in Pisces until April 24.
Mercury changes signs, entering Aries, on Saturday, April 2. The planet of Rational Thinking in the sign of Independence and Creativity makes for a lot of Innovative Thinking. Mercury likes Variety; Aries is happy to take on new adventures. This can give birth to New Ideas, Fast-moving events, as well as Reckless Thinking. Usually Mercury moves through a sign in three weeks or less. But due to going through a retrograde period starting at the end of April, Mercury will remain in Aries until June 8.
Mercury is conjunct Uranus this week. Before leaving Pisces, Mercury must encounter Uranus, the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. The exact conjunction is on Thursday, March 31, @ 25 deg Pisces. This combination can result in Inspired Thinking, Unusual News Story, or an Emergency. Since Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, the outcome may not be favorable. Simultaneously Venus, the planet of Guidance, is changing signs. Therefore this is not the best week for making an important decision.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Full Moon -Lunar Eclipse, Saturn T-Square, Saturn Retrograde

The Full Moon will be on Tuesday, March 22, @ 9 deg Virgo. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu Lunar Month Falguna, named for Uttara Phalguni, the nakshatra of the Full Moon. Normally this is a good month for Healing, Helping Others, and Benefiting from In-laws. But the energy of this month got compromised due to the total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon. So we can't expect too much.
The Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses signal forthcoming Changes, which can be spread out over the coming weeks and months. This is an Annular Eclipse, i.e., the shadow of the Earth does not fully cover the disc of the Moon; therefore, not as dramatic as a total eclipse.
The Full Moon / Eclipse will be directly opposite Mercury. A planet that gets involved with an eclipse gives some clue about what sorts of effects the eclipse will have. In this case, we can expect forthcoming changes to Mercury's significations, such as The Media, Communications, Information, Explanations, etc.
Venus is exactly opposite Jupiter on Friday, March 25. The planet of Romance, Harmony, and Agreement, will be at 22 deg Aquarius, while the planet of Wisdom, Optimism, & Increase will be @ 22 deg Leo. Normally this is a good pattern, but in this case, there is a third planet involved:
Saturn will form an exact T-square with Venus-Jupiter. Since Saturn is at 22 deg. Scorpio, it is exactly at the midpoint between the two benefic planets, and therefore interfering with the exchange of energy. The potential for Agreement, Harmony, Expansion, etc. gets blocked by the planet of Harsh Reality.
Saturn begins its retrograde period on March 25. The planet of Structure, Responsibility, Limitation, Time & Delay, etc., will appear to go backwards in the zodiac for the next 4 -1/2 months, until August 13. The retrograde period increases the significations of Saturn, resulting in more Delays, Burdens, Harsh Circumstances, etc. Since Saturn is together with Mars, planet of Conflict, the potential for Malefic Effects is increased in this sector of the zodiac during the coming months.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Venus Squared by Mars, Mercury enters Pisces, Saturn square Jupiter

Venus gets into trouble this week. A powerful Mars in its own sign sends its malefic square aspect to the planet of Romance and Agreement, making Harmony hard to come by. As the week progresses, Venus advances in Aquarius and comes under the influence of Neptune. By next weekend, Venus will be exactly conjunct Neptune, on Sunday, March 20th. Venus as the planet of Romance, combined with Neptune the planet of Dreams, tends to be Unrealistic in the Romance Department. Venus is the planet of Value; Neptune can be Delusional, which isn’t helpful for the Financial Markets. On the other hand, Venus as the planet of the Arts, combined with Neptune’s imagination, can be good for Creative Projects.
Mercury changes signs, entering Pisces, on Friday, March 18th. Mercury is considered Debilitated in Pisces. It's the planet of Rational Thinking in the watery, emotional sign of the Oceans. Therefore, Mercury's significations will suffer for the next few weeks. People are less rational; emotions influence decisions. Mercury is in Pisces until April 2nd.
Saturn and Jupiter are in Square to each other. This pattern has been slowly forming over the past month. The planet of Harsh Reality and Limitation sends its inimical square aspect to the planet of Hope, Truth, and Prosperity, setting up a negative vibe that continues through March. Saturn is stationary this week and next, before it goes retrograde on March 25th. A stationary planet is especially strong. Saturn will be exactly square to Jupiter just as it goes retrograde, putting a lot of pressure on Jupiter's significations.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Venus Enters Aquarius, Total Solar Eclipse, Mercury Conjunct Neptune

A lot going on in the zodiac this week... all of it in the sign Aquarius.
Venus changes signs, entering Aquarius, on Monday March 7th. Venus is OK in Aquarius: it’s the planet of Agreement and Compromise in the sign of the Social Humanitarian. Therefore, this could be a good time period for negotiations that benefit everybody.
But.... not all is well, due to Venus immediately receiving the unfriendly square aspect of Mars, planet of Aggression and Conflict. Mars is especially strong in its own sign Scorpio, and puts heavy pressure on Venus’s prospects this week. Mars-Venus interactions bring Passion and Argument... which destroys the Venus capacity for agreement. 
The exact Square of Mars to Venus will be on Monday, March 14. 
There is a Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, March 8th.
This is the only total eclipse of the Sun in 2016, and occurs at 24 degrees Aquarius. This is also the beginning of the Hindu Lunar month of Falguna. Due to the eclipse, the energy of the month is weak. The eclipse will not be visible in the Western Hemisphere... in fact, except for Indonesia and the South Pacific, most of the globe will miss it.  
An unusual situation for this eclipse is that it occurs exactly opposite Retrograde Jupiter. Since the eclipse is a New Moon, the interaction with Jupiter carries this energy through the lunar month. Thus, we can expect that Jupiter significations, such as Prosperity, Confidence, The Law, Courts, Banks & Bonds, Beliefs and Religion, will be impacted during the weeks following the eclipse.  
Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius this week. The planet of Rational Thinking combines with the planet of Dreams and Fantasies.The only good use of this energy pattern is for Creative Thinking. Otherwise, it generates Irrational Thinking, Lack of Realism, and Confusion. Aquarius is the sign of the Social Revolutionary. All of this while the voters are going to the polls to chose their candidates, and pundits are analyzing the potential outcome. The exact conjunction of Mercury and Neptune will be on Thursday, March 10, @ 15 deg Aquarius.