Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mars Enters Scorpio

There are no changes in the zodiac this week, until next Saturday.
On Saturday, February 20, Mars enters Scorpio. This is a significant development, because Mars will join up with Saturn, which is already transiting in Scorpio since November 2014. Further, due to going through a retrograde period, Mars will be in Scorpio with Saturn for 7 months, until mid-September. The combination of two of the prime "natural malefics" in one sector of the zodiac for an extended period of time constitutes a notable energy pattern that will define 2016.
Mars is Action and Aggression; Saturn is Focused and Persistent. Scorpio is a sign fascinated by Power and strongly Motivated by Desires. Mars + Saturn in Scorpio manifests as Focused, Determined Action: Purposeful, Uncompromising, and Unscrupulous. Over the coming months there is a high potential for significant events containing an element of Force and Violence. The rule in Vedic Astrology is that natural malefics, when retrograde, produce even more malefic results. Mars will be retrograde from April 17 until June 30. During that time Saturn will be retrograde as well. Therefore, April through June will be an especially bad period. The house in your personal chart containing the sign Scorpio should be carefully monitored for adverse events.


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