Saturday, February 06, 2016

Capricorn New Moon, Mercury & Venus enter Capricorn

The New Moon is on Monday, February 8, @ 25 deg Capricorn. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month of Makkah, named for Magha, the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, which will be on February 22nd. Magha is associated with Ancestors, Authority figures and Patronage, so this is a good month for dealing with the Government, or for Ceremonies, Promotions, Worship of Ancestors, etc.
This New Moon also marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which is the year of the Fire Monkey. Monkey years are marked by Fast-moving Events.
Mercury enters Capricorn on Monday, February 8. The planet of Rational Thinking, Data and Communications, will be in the sign of Responsibility and Practical Results for the next three weeks, until March 1. Mercury in Capricorn promotes Sober Thinking.
Venus enters Capricorn on Friday, February 12. The planet of Romance, Compromise, Agreement, Finance, etc. will be in the sign of Duty & Obligations until March 7. Venus is Capricorn indicates the Responsibilities of Love, and Responsibility in Finance.


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