Saturday, January 09, 2016

New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon is Today, Saturday, January 9th, @ 25 deg Sagittarius. This marks the start of the Hindu lunar month Pushya, considered generally auspicious, except for marriage. But this lunar month is starting out with some not so auspicious planetary patterns, such as Retrograde Mercury, Retrograde Jupiter, and Venus conjunct Saturn (see previous post). Therefore, the energy of the month is somewhat suspect.
Rahu is conjunct Retrograde Jupiter for the next couple of months. Rahu just moved into Leo, from the end of Leo, where it teams up with Jupiter, which just began its retrograde phase at 29 deg Leo. Due to both components moving "backwards" at approximately the same speed, this rather unusual combination will be maintained for an extended period of time. Jupiter is not behaving normally, so its significations (Optimism, Faith, Prosperity, Wisdom, Law, etc.) are already in question. Adding in the quality of Rahu (Obsession, Urgency, Lessons, Confusion, etc.) makes Jupiter even more distorted. Therefore, the next few months we are likely to see more Extremist Beliefs, Obsession with Prosperity, Urgent Judicial Decisions, etc.


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