Saturday, January 30, 2016

Venus Conjunct Pluto and Square Uranus

Not much changes in the zodiac this week.
Mercury will finally move forward in Sagittarius and get away from its conjunction with Pluto and square Uranus. This pattern has been giving extreme events in the Communications & Media sector, such as the Donald Trump -Fox news blowup, Hillary Clinton Email scandal, etc. Mercury significations improve towards the end of the week: better for Communications, Facts & Data, Media Reporting, etc.
Venus moves into conjunction with Pluto, and simultaneously squares Uranus at the end of the week. The exact conjunction of Venus and Pluto will be Saturday, February 6, @ 22 deg Sagittarius.  Uranus is @ 23 deg Pisces. In Vedic Astrology, both Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter. Therefore Jupiter becomes the dispositor and final arbiter of the combination. Jupiter is itself retrograde and conjunct Rahu, the eclipse point. The unusual situation of Jupiter reflects back on Venus, and we can expect Venus significations to Suffer this week. Therefore, Not a good week for Harmony & Agreements, nor for Arts & Entertainment, Love & Romance, Finance & Markets.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mercury Retrograde Ends, Uranus Square Mercury

The first Retrograde Mercury Period of 2016 ends on Monday, January 25. After 3 weeks of "going backwards" in the zodiac, Mercury returns to normal forward motion at 20 deg. Sagittarius. It takes a week or so for the planet to get back up to normal speed, so the effects of Mercury Retrograde will still linger through this week.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Pluto and exactly squared by Uranus. This pattern has been in effect for the past several days, while Mercury has been barely moving, and continues for most of this week and into early February. Uranus and Pluto put more stress on Mercury, creating an atmosphere of extremism, and making the planet of Rational Thinking & Consensus less likely to find common ground. Therefore, this week is not a good time for making important decisions. By the 1st week of February, Mercury starts to move away, the alignment begins to break up, and Mercury can behave more normally.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Venus Enters Sagittarius, Full Moon in Cancer

Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday, January 18th. The planet of Agreement and Compromise now must manifest through the venue of the sign of Personal Truth and Self-righteousness. It's not the best combination for Venus. Venus will be in Sagittarius until February 12.
Retrograde Mercury is conjunct Pluto this week, exact on Friday, January 22nd. The planet of Rational Thinking and Communication is coming to the end of its retrograde period,and is therefore stationary in the zodiac, while conjunct the planet of Generational Changes. This combination has the potential for creating Extreme Thinking and favors all those who wish to see radical change in society, i.e., Terrorists, Fanatics, etc.
The Full Moon will be on Saturday, January 23rd, at 9 deg. Cancer. This marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month of Pushya, generally considered to be an auspicious month. But, due to the simultaneous retrograde condition of Mercury and Jupiter, not much benefit can be expected.
Rahu and Retrograde Jupiter are exactly conjunct at the end of Leo all week. In fact, this tight conjunction continues through to the end of February. The planet of Truth and Wisdom is "backwards" in the Heavens, while conjunct one of the eclipse points, causing "obscuring," i.e., Distortion and Confusion. Therefore, not a good time for making wise decisions.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon is Today, Saturday, January 9th, @ 25 deg Sagittarius. This marks the start of the Hindu lunar month Pushya, considered generally auspicious, except for marriage. But this lunar month is starting out with some not so auspicious planetary patterns, such as Retrograde Mercury, Retrograde Jupiter, and Venus conjunct Saturn (see previous post). Therefore, the energy of the month is somewhat suspect.
Rahu is conjunct Retrograde Jupiter for the next couple of months. Rahu just moved into Leo, from the end of Leo, where it teams up with Jupiter, which just began its retrograde phase at 29 deg Leo. Due to both components moving "backwards" at approximately the same speed, this rather unusual combination will be maintained for an extended period of time. Jupiter is not behaving normally, so its significations (Optimism, Faith, Prosperity, Wisdom, Law, etc.) are already in question. Adding in the quality of Rahu (Obsession, Urgency, Lessons, Confusion, etc.) makes Jupiter even more distorted. Therefore, the next few months we are likely to see more Extremist Beliefs, Obsession with Prosperity, Urgent Judicial Decisions, etc.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde, Nodes Change Signs

It's a Busy Week in the Zodiac due to several Celestial Events.
Mercury begins a Retrograde Period on Tuesday, January 5, @ 6 deg Capricorn. The planet of Communications, Rational Thinking, Ideas & Reasons, etc., will be "backwards" in the Heavens for three weeks. Mercury will begin its retrograde phase in Capricorn, and then "back into" Sagittarius on January 13, completing the retrograde period at 20 deg Sagittarius on January 25. The usual Mercury retrograde precautions should be observed: expect Misunderstandings, Delays in Communications, Mistakes in Transactions, etc.
Mars is Exactly Square Mercury at the beginning of Mercury Retrograde: The planet of Aggression and Anger is in Libra, exactly 90 degrees behind Mercury as Mercury begins its retrograde phase. The full force square aspect of Mars puts additional pressure on Mercury, and will cause more than the usual problems this week as Mercury retrograde begins.
Jupiter begins a Retrograde Period on Friday, January 8, @ 29 deg Leo. The planet of Opportunity, Prosperity, Wisdom, etc., will be going in Reverse for the next four months, in Leo, until May 9. Jupiter's significations will be delayed, and distorted, while the planet is retrograde. There will be further stress on Jupiter due to the exact conjunction with Rahu. Jupiter retrograde is the planet of Wisdom Going Backwards = a good time for finding wisdom in the past, i.e., introspection. Jupiter as the planet of Opportunity, when retrograde, indicates Finding Opportunity in the Past, i.e., revisiting potentials that did not initially pan out.
The Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, change signs this week. The nodes spend about 1-1/2 years in a sign, and travel backwards in the zodiac, entering from the end of the sign. Rahu, the North Node, enters Leo; Ketu, the South Node, enters Aquarius. Rahu is an indicator of Desire and Urgency, and will immediately be conjunct Retrograde Jupiter, putting more focus and stress on Jupiter significations over the next two months, while they are both in exact conjunction. Leo is the sign of Leaders & Governments.  Ketu going into Aquarius, the sign of Social Revolutionaries, will emphasize Social Idealism, during the year that the US is having national elections. (Find more Details in recent Newsletter). The nodes will be in Leo and Aquarius until September 2017.
Venus is exactly conjunct Saturn this week. The planet of Love, Agreement, Values, etc., teams up with the planet of Harsh Reality, Obligations, Restriction, and Discipline. The exact conjunction is on Friday, January 8, @ 17 deg Scorpio. Venus significations tend to suffer from this combination. Love is Restricted (or, at best, Serious), Negotiations are Difficult, Financial Markets head Downward.