Sunday, December 20, 2015

Three Planets Changing Signs This Week, Christmas Full Moon

Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra on Wednesday, Dec 23. The planet of Force and Aggression is somewhat tamed while in the sign of Compromise and Agreement. But, Libra has an idealistic side, which Mars can turn into Fanatical Goal-setting. Hitler was Libra rising; so is Hillary Clinton. That means that Ms. Clinton will have the planet of Combat transiting in her Asc. for the next 8 weeks.
Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on Friday, Dec 25. As Mars is entering Libra, Venus is on its way out. Since Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and Libra is ruled by Venus, the two planets will be in Parivatana Yoga, i.e., in relationship via being in each other's signs, for the next several weeks. When the two gender planets get involved, there is Excitement, Passion, Self-interest, and Disagreement.
The Full Moon will be on Christmas day, Friday Dec. 25. The lunar energy is at a peak on a day that is very emotional for a lot of people. This Full Moon is in Gemini in the Sidereal Zodiac, and in Ardra nakshatra. Ardra is known for Emotional Extremes.
Mercury changes signs on Saturday, Dec 26, leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricorn. The planet of Rational Thinking generally does well in the sign of Practical Reality. But, upon entering Capricorn, Mercury is moving into position to receive the exact square aspect of Mars, which is Libra, 90 deg. behind Mercury. Mars "attacks" Mercury's Reasons & Explanations. Therefore, there is high potential for Argument during the end of December and beginning of January.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

No New Patterns Forming This Week

There are no major changes this week in the zodiac. Therefore the energy pattern will be more or less the same as last week.
Mars is still in Virgo and Opposite Uranus, but not as exact as last week. The potential for Unexpected Violence continues (see previous post).
Venus is still in Libra, and hemmed in by Mars and Saturn, forming a Papakatari Yoga, and therefore limiting what Venus can do, even though in its own sign (see previous post).
Mercury continues in Sagittarius, promoting self-righteous thinking (see previous post).
Jupiter is barely moving at the end of Leo, where it remains into the New Year, when it will begin a retrograde phase.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Mercury Enters Sagittarius, Mars Exactly Opposite Uranus, New Moon in Scorpio

Mercury changes signs today, Saturday December 5, entering Sagittarius. The planet of Rational Thinking, Reasons & Explanations, will be in the sign of Personal Truth & Beliefs for the next three weeks, until December 26. This combination promotes Self-righteous Thinking, and is therefore not conducive to compromise and agreement. Meanwhile, the planet of compromise and agreement, Venus, is still suffering from Papakatari yoga, since it is flanked by malefic planets (see previous post).
Mars is exactly opposite Uranus on Thursday, December 10th. The planet of Aggression, Attack, and Violence is exchanging energy with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events all this week. Uranus is retrograde, nearly stationary, which increases its intensity. The potential for more violent events, whether committed by humans, or by Mother Nature, is very high.
The New Moon is on Friday, December 11, @ 24 deg. Scorpio. This marks the beginning of the lunar month of Margasiras, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, which will be on December 25 (Christmas). Except that this year, the Full Moon will fall in Ardra. Therefore, the lunation takes on the characteristics of this nakshatra, which is associated with Rudra, the God of Storms.