Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mars, Rahu, and Venus still Conjunct; Mercury enters Scorpio

Mars and Rahu are still close together this week, with Venus not far away. Rahu is one of the significators of Fanatics, Mars is War & Destruction, Venus is Pleasures and Entertainment. The violence-prone combination of Mars conjunct the eclipse point Rahu manifested as a terrorist attack in Paris, centered on an entertainment district. The factors of the energy pattern are getting some separation from each other as the days go by; therefore not as intense, but still capable of creating events. More Details in this week's video blog.
Mercury enters Scorpio on Monday, November 16. The planet of Data and Information will be in the sign of Secrets and Investigations for the next three weeks, until Dec 5. This combination will ensure a lot of Media focus on recent events for the rest of this month.


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