Saturday, October 17, 2015

Triple Conjunction of Venus, Mars, & Jupiter

No new planetary positions this week.
Venus will catch up to Mars & Jupiter at the end of this week. Venus has been advancing in Leo since it entered the sign at the end of September. The three planets will be within a couple of degrees of each other by next weekend.
Venus is Pleasures; Jupiter is Increase. Together they produce Too Much of Everything, especially Indulgence. Mars is Aggression. Mars gets encouragement from optimistic Jupiter. Venus + Mars = Passion.
Overall, there is a lot of Energy to Do Something. Therefore, best to have some worthwhile project to put the energy to good use. Otherwise, there will just be a high level of Volatility, looking for an outlet. On Friday & Saturday, October 23 -24, the Moon will be in Aquarius, directly opposite the triple conjunction, adding in more energy for events.


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